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Bloom_outs-Layouts and Requests' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Bloom_outs-Layouts and Requests

Join the Community! What to do! Other Visitable Sites About! Have a question?? come right here! All posts?! Header, FO Banners, Icons etc Check Status or make request! Worth checking!
Layout Previews    (Hover over picture links to see previews. Click the links for codes!)
New Layout!
Dated: Dec. 18th, 2008
Christmas time and snowmen make such a perfect combination, which is why I just had to make this layout!! Inspired by...

Dated: Dec. 18th, 2008
I am still alive! No, I have not abandoned the community or layout making. I am terribly sorry however for vanishing completely and not replying at all to queries or even to layout requests.

Dated: June. 3rd, 2007
Squee for all things green! After seeing this layout, you'll probably come to terms with my green fascination. Anyhow...

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New Layout | Green Life [14 Sep 2006|09:28pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

Another layout! I like the way this ones come out to be. It's pretty simply, but I find it quite sooting and blended. Anyway, there you go!

Style: Generator, s1
Website: Needs to be listed!
Default Icon:
Best view: 1024x768
Browser(s) Compatible: i.e,firefox
Work with Nav bar?: Special codes for it!
Work with sponsered account?: Yup!

Preview: HERE

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[12 Apr 2007|08:42pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Frequently Asked Questions

Enlisted are some of the most asked questions and answers related to layouts on LJ. They have been asked many a times on this community and so are referred to as "Frequently Asked Questions". There are five sections of questions. One related to the Community, one to Setting up of layouts, One to troubleshooting. one to s2 layouts and the last on to random yet important LJ questions i've been asked many a times. So go on and please check this list before you ask a question in the community!

Section One : Community Related Questions
  • What exactly is Bloom_outs??
    Bloom Outs is a Layouts and Graphics community run by avril_charday. It supplies layouts for free and plus accounts which are usually s1, generator. the layout styles may however vary.

  • What does the community do?
    The community is a place which caters to layout and graphic needs. Layouts can be premade or requested. The graphics are: headers, icons, profiles sets and FO banners. They are too, premade as well as requested. Other than that, you can find fan fictions, poetry and stories on the site which I have written, have inspired me, or have liked.

  • Can I make posts to the community?
    No, you cannot. This is a single maker community, so the right to post remains with m only. You can however, comment to posts. any posts to the community will not be entertained and will be rejected. However, if the issue is vital and you have posted it here, I might make an exception and allow the post. The discretion, is mine.

  • How do I use the Layouts given here
    Simple. All you have to do is the following:(for all S1 layouts)
    - Check the layout requirements and edit your profile to match.
    - Upload all images if mentioned.
    - Check all other instructions to see if you've followed them.
    - Go to Journal-->Edit Journal Style-->Custom Options-->Overrides and paste all the codes there.
    - Save and your done!
    S2 layouts will have the directions given with the layout itself!

  • How do I request for a layout?
    Requests can be made anytime, but I will take my time to finish them off, so if you have to wait, please be ready for it. After all, I'm human! To make a request, click on the Requests: Make.Check Status link at the bottom of the community page. It will lead you to the requests forms and instructions on how to make requests! Simply fill in the "Layout Requests" form and submit it as a comment to the post. I'll then get back to you and begin you work! If i've taken up your request, You'll see it listed under the Pending Requests on that page.

  • How do I request for a header/FO Banner/Icon/Info set?
    To make a request, click on the Requests: Make.Check Status link at the bottom of the community page. It will lead you to the requests forms and instructions on how to make requests! Simply fill in the Other Requests" form and submit it as a comment to the post. If I take up your request, it will be listed under the pending requests section on the page.

  • How do I track my requests?
    Click on the Requests: Make.Check Status link at the bottom of the community page. The post it leads you to will have a section called "Request Status". See if your request is listed as "Accepted", "Rejected", "Pending", "In Process", "Under testing" or "Completed". If it is under completed, it will have a link to the preview as well as one to the codes, instructions etc. Follow the links to get your layout.
    If your layout is not listed anywhere in the Requests Status section then it has not been taken up. You can either resubmit the requests form, or remind me of your request.

  • How do I credit community layouts graphics etc??
    To credit Userpics: when uploading the userpic, add in the comment section :"Icon by bloom_outs".
    To credit Layouts and other graphics: Add a community button to your profile. Community buttons can be found in the community user info.

  • Can I make changes to a layout i've taken from here?
    Yes. You can make any changes you want to the layouts as long as you credit the layout back to me. Otherwise, it would called stealing. Also, it would be great if you let me know that your making changes to the layout.

  • Can I be affiliates with your community?
    Sure! Just click the affiliates link on the community page (top of page). It takes you to the affiliates section with the communities current affiliates as well as an affiliate form. Fill the form out and post it as a comment. Then add my community and i'll add you back! Easy!

  • My question is not listed in the FAQ. What do I do?
    Other Community related questions? Post them as a comment here!

Section Two : Setting Up the Layouts
  • What do you mean by "Defining a Website"?
    When I write "Define a Website" or "Website needed", it means that you SHOULD have a website 'defined' or present in your profile. How do you do that? Simple.
    Go to Profile-->Edit Profile. Scroll down until you find the Web Page section and add any website there. It could be even xyz.com as long as you put one there.
    If you dont define a website, the layout messes up. So PLEASE DEFINE A WEBSITE!

  • What is s1,Generator?
    S1 refers to the style of the layout. To check if your style is S1 or S2 do the following:
    Go to: Journal-->Edit Journal Style. In the basics tab, look until you find Style System. It will have two options, S1 and S2. Select the one as mentioned in the layout and Save Changes!
    Generator is one of the layout styles. In the Journal-->Edit Journal Style, go to Look and Feel. In the 'Layout' area select from the drop down box 'Generator' or the layout style that has been given in the layout. Do so for all four views (most recent, day, calendar, friends)

  • Where do the overrides go?
    Go to Journal-->Edit Journal Style. Select the Custom Options tab. Under Overrides will be a space to put text. Paste all the codes/overrides there and Save changes.

  • How do I get rid of the custom colors?
    Go to Journal-->Edit Journal Style. Select the Look and Feel tab. find the theme section. Select the Custom Colors option and then, delete all the colors given,or edit them according to the layout. Save Changes.

  • How do I make the required changes (change username etc)?
    To change username, website name etc in the overrides, here's what you can do:
    -Select all the overrides and then copy them onto notepad or word pad.
    -See the word to be changed in the layout instructions. EG, you have to change USERNAME to your own username everywhere.
    -Go to Edit-->Replace. A small pop up will appear.
    -In it, in the 'Find What' area, type the thing to be changes. Over here it is USERNAME.
    -In the 'Replace With' Area, write what you have to replace USERNAME with. In this case it would be your own username. So write that.
    -Click 'Replace All' and then close the box. You're done!
    Similarly, you can make other such changes to the codes! After finishing,paste the codes in the overrides section and save changes.

  • How do I make my Friends/Calender entries look like my layout entries?
    To make your friends, and calendar entries look like your Journal entries, do the following:
    -In the codes, find the sections that say "LASTN_WEBSITE" and "LASTN_HEAD".
    -Copy the codes of that section starting from "LASTN_HEAD<=" till "<=LASTN_HEAD" and paste them once more.
    -In this newly pasted part, Change the "LASTN" to "FRIENDS"
    -Similarly,paste the codes again and change the "LASTN" this time to "CALANDER"
    -Now you will have three sections,namely :LASTN_HEAD,FRIENDS_HEAD and CALANDER_HEAD.
    -Follow the same process for LASTN_WEBSITE as you did for LASTN_HEAD.
    -Save the changes!
    If your still confused, a detailed tutorial will be up shortly! look forward to it;)

  • What is Uploading of pictures and Hot linking?
    Uploading is what you do when you take a picture from a given link, save it to your computer and then, put it up on your own Image host like Photobucket or Imageshack. It saves my bandwidth and prevents you layout from going picture-less when i delete pictures from my account.
    Hot linking is when you directly use the url of the picture in your layout and do not upload it. Unless and until it is mention, you should ideally NOT hot link any picture and be nice and upload them.

  • How do I edit the user icons in your layouts?
    Simple! Search in the layout codes till you find something like this /*your user picture*/. You'll find it usually in the sidebar. Under this, will be a url for the image,given like "<*img src="www.xyz.jpg">(without the * of course). Change the link in there to that of the userpic you want and save the changes!

  • My Layout is showing up crazy! Help!?
    Check whether you've followed all instructions and have everything the layout needs. If the layout is not given as one that works with a plus account, it will not work with one and show up all crazy.
    If you still have a problem, check the troubleshooting area of the FAQ, or post your problem as a comment here.

  • I have some other Layout setup related question. What do I do?
    Post it as a comment over here! I'll answer asap.

Section Three : Layout Troubleshooting
  • My layout is showing up crazy! Help!
    Check whether you've followed all instructions and have everything the layout needs. If the layout is not given as one that works with a plus account, it will not work with one and show up all crazy. If you've fixed that and its still looking crazy, then check the rest of the trouble shooting questions to try and solve your problems. If nothing works, post a comment here, along with a screen shot of your layout and your problem.

  • The header is off by some pixels.
    In the overrides, look until you find codes that say:
    background: url(http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b126/avril_charday/Tenderness/head.jpg);
    The #header part may also be a ".x".
    In there, find the left:-1; part. change the numbers a little like make the -1 a 3 or a 4 and apply the changes till your header looks fine!

  • I get an error on my page after putting up the overrides
    If the error says "Irreparable Error:Invalid Markup" or something like that, go to the sidebar area. In there, check all the <*a href="abc.com">abc kind of links. Specifically, check if any one those links has a missing quotation mark, like:
    Missing mark:<*a href="abc.com>abc
    Not Missing :<*a href="abc.com">abc
    Correct any missing quotations and save changes. Your layout should be fine now!

  • I see no sidebar and no header on my layout!
    Check if you have defined a website in your profile. (See Section Two of FAQ,question:What do you mean by "Defining a Website"? for more information.)

  • My entries are all stretched up and flood out of the entries area.
    This means that you have posted a huge picture in one of your entries which causes the havoc. the solution? You can:
    -Reduce the size of the picture and repost it
    -Put the picture under an LJ-cut!

  • I'm unable to upload pictures to my own host!
    The host might be down, or you might be doing something entirely different. To upload a picture to a host, first, register yourself at a host like Photobucket. Then, go to your account and add the picture either from a place on your computer or from a url. the click Upload and it should be uploaded!

  • The font colors in my layout are botched up.
    Delete all custom colors for "font" in the Look and Feel tab in your Edit Journal Style area. If the problem persists, post a comment here.

  • I'm facing some other Layout Related Issue!
    The easiest way to solve such issues is to ask up a question at everything_lj. You can also post your question here as a comment but I recommend the first option.

Section Four : S2 Related Questions
  • What is Custom CSS?
    S2 layouts are custmised using css stylesheets. so instead of Overrides, here, you get style sheets that have to be uploaded to your journal display. Its easer, needs NO customization and is simple!

  • How do I upload my Custom CSS>
    Simple! Just do this:
    - Go to Journal-->Edit Journal Style.
    - Under the Basics Tab, make sure your style selected is S2.
    - Under the look and feel tab, choose the appropriate layout style (smooth sailing, Bloggish etc) as given.
    - Go to the Custom Options Tab. Just below the tabs will be an area called "Section: Presentation Colors...". Select Custom CSS from there.
    - In the Custom CSS area, put "Use layout's stylesheet" as NO.
    - In the huge box under Custom Sylesheet (the last box), paste all the Custom CSS codes.
    - Click save changes and you're done!

  • How do I wrap text in the entries around my icon? (Smooth Sailing)
    Simple! Do the following:
    - Go to Journal-->Edit Journal Style-->Custom Options.
    - Select "Section:" as Presentation (sections are just below the tabs.)
    - Find » Wrap Entry text under userinfo and make it YES.
    - Save changes and you're done!

  • How Do I remove the sidebar Completely?
    Simple again! Follow these steps:
    - Go to Journal-->Edit Journal Style-->Custom Options.
    - Select "Section:" as SIDEBAR (sections are just below the tabs.)
    - Find » Sidebar Position (first option on that page) and select "Do not Show" from the options.
    - Save changes and you're done!

  • How do I add a Title and Subtitle?
    Easy!Go to:
    - Journal-->Edit Journal Style-->Basics Tab.
    - Add your Journal Title and Subtitle in appropriate boxes.
    - Save changes and you're done.

Section Five : Other Queries
  • Do all layouts here work with plus accounts?
    As of now,NO. The newer layouts are all plus account compatible. But the earlier versions do not work in any account other than free. I'll try to get them converted to work with the plus accounts too, but as of now, I'm not doing that.

  • Where did you get the artwork for x layout?
    All artwork is usually credited in the layout. Check the resources section on the community info page to know the sites I get them from. sometimes, I just surf through websites and find something I want to make a layout of...in those cases, I might not remember where I got the artwork from.

  • What font is used on y layout?
    I tend to use so many fonts that I have no track of them. So I wont be very helpful in this. Check the resources to know where I get my fonts from (resources are on the communities info page). You might ask me on the layout post too, but I doubt if I will remember.

  • Do you do requests for paid accounts?
    Nope Sorry. I usually dont do paid account requests simply because I have no idea of how paid accounts work. So cant help you there!

  • Can I friend you?
    If you're talking about the community then sure! Simply click the "join" option on the community page and join in.I do not add you!
    If you're talking about friending me, then please dont do it just to ask questions! My journal is friends only. Leave a comment there. If our interests match, or I feel like it, I'll add you back. Otherwise sorry!

  • Where can I learn layout coding like you?
    Good places to start are: everything_lj | HTML Goodies | W3Schools

  • I have an entirely different, unique and important question! help me!
    Ah...well, post it here as a comment and I'll see what I can do!

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Members Only | Suggestions | Affiliate? [30 Aug 2005|05:44pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Sorry,but the community is now officially Members Only.Which mean,you will have to join to view any content,which isnt very tedious..so join!

In addition,any suggestions,problems or Ideas are to be posted as comments here.Queries go in here too^^

Want to be Affiliates?Comment to this post with:
-You Community name
-What the community does
-A community button.
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