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Bloom_outs-Layouts and Requests
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Bloom_outs is a community run and maintained by Kara (avril_charday). Inspired by photoshop and the wonderful world of graphics, she decided to use whatever such skills she had for creation of Layouts and LJ related stuffs.

As a person, she has a problem on the anger management front, is rather lazy, and loves anything to do with books, writing, graphics, art and music. When she gets angry she turns rather snappy and postpones any work indefintely.

The layouts showcased here are the ones that are fortunate enough to be picked out of the tons of only photoshop based layouts skeletons that she often makes and forgets about.

Currently, Kara is 17 years old, a student of Humanities, living in New Delhi,India and planning to get into the horrid profession of Law.

bloom_outs is a layouts and graphics community. The layouts diaplyed here are all S1, mostly generator and 1024x768. This may however, differ. The graphics displayed here are LJ Icons, Friends only banners and headers.

The community was originally an open request community. but now with the shortage of time and extra work, it has a become an occasional request one. you may give your request but its not always accepted. However, at times there are announcements accpeting a number of requests where your request will surely be taken care of!

1.Join In | It's Easy to do, takes no more than a second and lets the maker know if her work is being liked or not. No Layouts or Graphic work can be viewed without joining the community. I'm sorry, but thats the way it works.

2.Credit | Hardwork deserves to be credited. And making layouts is not really easy you know. Plus, its super annoying when someone uses your layouts without giving even a shade of credit. It's easy to do anyways. Most of the time, credit is included in the layout. But when its not, or even for appreciation, it would be nice to add a community button (pick from below) to your userinfo.

3.Hotlinking Issues | The maker appears to be a poor girl with only so much space that a normal photobucket account offers. Now would you steal that way from her by nasty hotlinks? huh? huh? So please, unless I say its OK to hotlink, upload pics to your own host.

4.Questions Here Only | Work is different from private life. So please dont mix up both. Any layout help/questions or doubts are to asked in this community only. Do not disturb the maker on her own livejournal. It's not the place for that.

5.Requests | Requests are usually entertained. however, with increasing work load,I've been forced to cut down on requests and now, Only take selective ones. I may occassionally post to take new requests. Otherwise, if your request is in my schedule and I find time to do it, I will.
More details on requests somewhere below.

6.No Tampering | No layouts can be changed by you, unless so is mentioned, or unless you have asked for permission to do so which has been given too. You may not change anything in the layout. Especially, you may not ask another community to make changes in the layout. If you want changes, ASK the maker. If possible, she'll do it herself, or tell you the problem in changing it. Please respect the work displayed here.

7.Language | Please write like a normal human being in your requests comments. No Kewl T@lK. It's annoying. Also, no swear words anywhere. If you dont like a layout, and have no proper criticsm to give, dont post. No one wants to see stuff saying the layouts is horrid without any expanation as to why. Don't pick any fights and be cordial. Violation of ny of the above will ban you from the community.

8.Suggestion | All suggestions are MOST welcome! please post them to the first post in the community.


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Want your community to be added here? Then either leave a comment with your community name or mail me with the same and I'll be happy to add you!

Please show some luv! Copy Paste a community button to your userinfo and promote the layouts here!

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