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New Layout | Green Life

Another layout! I like the way this ones come out to be. It's pretty simply, but I find it quite sooting and blended. Anyway, there you go!

Style: Generator, s1
Website: Needs to be listed!
Default Icon:
Best view: 1024x768
Browser(s) Compatible: i.e,firefox
Work with Nav bar?: Special codes for it!
Work with sponsered account?: Yup!

Preview: HERE



Codes for with navbar:

Codes for without Navbar:


- All Images changed to your uploaded ones
- YOURNAME changed to your username wherever it has been put.
- Sidebar edited accordingly.

There you go! I hope there arent any problems with this layout! Enjoy!
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Pretty layout, but the links to the images don't work.
Yea, i think the bandwidth is exceeded?
yeah..stupid ripway. I only used it cause Photobucket was under maintainence..but the layout is back up now:)

Deleted comment

you get rid of the colors by going to the modify journal's area (where you basically change the journal style), look and feel-->custom colors and deleting all colors specified there. About the misalignment..no idea why thats happening. is your screen resultuon 1024x768?
saved. so lovely.
There is no Navigation thing at the bottom. How do I get that back and still keep the layout? It's very lovely..
that would involve quite a bit of coding changes..sorry, it cant be brought back:(
Can I ask, if you remember, what font was used on the images?
Awesome. You rock.
Great layout! Thank you! I would just say, I'm having problem with the calendar. When I click on the "PAST" link at top it's all messed up like some codings are missing (header, column size, etc..)?
ah, well, thats cuz i havent done calendar coding..you can check the FAQ to see how its done though..its pretty easy.
Thank you, it looks lovely. I'm taking it!
One question though. How do I make the mood theme show up? I know from previous layout editing that this one hides the mood themes:

.entrybox td.meta{
display: none;

I found it and deleted it from your code, but the mood theme still won't show up. Would you be so kind and help me?
Very nice! I uploaded all of the images on to my own webspace and am now using it.
Do you mind if I change the comment buttons to read something that I want it to read, instead of just Read, Reply, Edit?

And if so, how do I go about doing that? ;P
I've tried editing it a bit, but can't quite figure it out.

Thank you!